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DDR - Dynamic Digital Imaging

straight arm digital motion x-rayThe Revolutionary Digital Motion X-Ray Trend – Why consider DDR?

DDR is the only imaging study that provides a view of anatomy in motion, with a large field of view and low radiation dose.

  • Most advanced medical imaging technologies like CT and MRI provide superb spatial resolution but not the movement.
  • Ultrasound has a limited range and fluoroscopy does not provide enough resolution to evaluate soft tissue without contrast.
  • Images can be acquired with the patient in a natural upright position which is not possible with CT or MR DDR use in pulmonology

DDR with Intelligent Workstation (IWS) provides multiple options for image processing and quantification such as diaphragm excursion, respiratory effort and more. This helps pulmonologists and radiologists increase the accuracy of their diagnoses to help make better decisions sooner. Observe and quantify the dynamic interactions of lung, muscle, bone, heart and nerve.

  • Determine causes of dyspnea (shortness of breath)
  • Dynamically assess bronchiectasis and pulmonary hypertension
  • Differentiate restrictive versus obstructive lung disease
  • Quantify lung capacity (future)

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