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First Chiropractic x-ray with DDR capabilities

The Straight Arm System provides advanced digital X-ray capabilities in a small footprint, equipping urgent care and family practices to provide general radiography services from exam rooms with limited amounts of space. Clinicians will have the imaging flexibility, image resolution, and immediate results they need to make informed decisions faster, helping to boost throughput and patient satisfaction for your practice.

  • H.T. Cables
  • Manual Collimator
  • DR adaptation for 17x17 and 14x17 application
  • X-Ray Generator SHF310 32KW, single phase 208 volt
  • X-Ray Tube E7239X 125Kvp 140,000 HU 1.0 – 2.0mm FS

2020 Straight Arm X-Ray with DDR

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