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CT Scanners

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Computerized Tomography (CT) Solutions from single slice to 128 Slice made by the major CT Scanner manufacturers (GE, Philips, Siemens and Toshiba). All our systems are sold either used or fully reconditioned at our 117,000 SF Facility in New Jersey to manufacturers’ standards. We have an extensive inventory of CT Scanners and parts and all systems offered are owned by us. We also carry CT Trailers, CT Work Stations and CT Injectors.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of Reconditioned Upon Request CT Scanner Systems we sell, service and support. Let us assist you with the definition of the system best fitted for your particular practice and budget. With our nationwide network of over 300 service technicians, we have you covered!


BrightSpeed Elite 16
LightSpeed VCT 64
LightSpeed VCT 128
Optima 520 16
Optima 540 16
Optima 580w 16
Optima 660 64
Optima 660 128
Revolution EVO 64
Revolution EVO 128


Definition AS 64
Definition AS 128
Perspective 16
Perspective 32
Perspective 64
Perspective 128


Aquilion 16
Aquilion 64
Aquilion Prime 80
Aquilion Prime 160

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