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Computerized Radiography

Starting at $209.00/Month

Computerized Radiography (CR) allows you to digitize your X-Ray exams AND save money. Compared to the cost of film, chemicals, maintenance and courier services, Computed Radiography will cost you less then chemical processing. Although Digital Radiography (DR) pricing has come down lately, CR is still the most economical digital solution.

The Computed Radiography system, also known as the CR Scanner, works by exposing the phospor screen in the CR cassette rather then traditional X-Ray film. One inserts the CR cassette containing the exposed phosphor screen into the CR Reader (scanner). Depending on the CR system, one has the image on screen in about 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Proximus Medical is a Nationwide Authorized Distributor and Service Provider for Carestream, Agfa, Konica, Fuji and Fire CR. Our Nationwide Network of Service Engineers is only a phone call away. We also provide reconditioned CR systems. CR or DR? Not sure what is right for you? Call us today and we’ll be glad to help you out

Computerized Radiography

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