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Fuji FCR CarbonXL-2

The Carbon XL-2 is ideal for distributed applications such as inside the exam room or even a trauma bay with a speed of up to 92 images an hour and image previews in as little as 23 seconds. With that flexibility, the Carbon XL-2 is also a great redundancy solution during peak periods. The XL-2 also features a 50 Reading Mode* for sharp, excellent detail — ideal for extremity exams or anywhere that seeing fine details is critical.

The Carbon X is designed for smaller facilities with variable caseloads or remote applications with throughput speeds of up to 72 images/hour. It can supplement a DR room or offer redundancy when needed. Either way, there’s a FCR Carbon to fit your needs and your space perfectly.

  • Fast image previews beginning in as little as 10 seconds
  • Quick throughput – XL-2: 62-92, Fast Scan mode: 87 images/hr 14×17″ X: 43-72 images/hour
  • 100 micron 10 pixels/mm Standard Reading Density
  • Image Reading 12 bits gray scale, output: 10 or 12 bits
  • Small 2.4 sq. ft. footprint
Imaging Plates (IPs) and Cassette Sizes
14″x17″ (35x43cm)
14″x14″ (35x35cm)
The XL-2’s 50 micron capability
utilizes Type CH 18×24 &
24x30cm cassettes and single-
sided HR imaging plates.
DimensionsW23.2 x D15.0 x H31.9 inches
Weight216 lbs.
Power Requirements110 VAC (5A max)

*Not intended for mammography use. However, it can be used for specimens. Additional Flash IIP consoles, advanced imaging capabilities (such as DVD storage, Stitching and more), workstation/reader stand and seismic & mobile laptop IIP and vehicle mounting hardware are available separately.

Fuji FCR Carbon XL-2

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