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What Are The Different Types of X-Ray Machines

What Are The Different Types of X-Ray Machines?

X-rays have proved to be a revolutionary discovery in the history of medical science. They have proved to be very beneficial for the diagnosis of different diseases. In addition, it helps the doctors to plan a surgery or a treatment plan. Wilhelm Rontgen discovered the X-rays and also named them. It was found mainly to view the internal organs. This helps the doctors diagnose or confirm disease as the rays do the work of penetrating inside the tissues and cells, so it becomes a non-invasive method of detecting disease. 

You may have gone for an X-ray at least once in your life or might have seen an X-ray machine. There are different types of X-ray machines available in hospitals. Moreover, X-rays are used for humans and used in veterinary hospitals. 

So, let us know about some of the significant types of X-ray machines available in hospitals or used in medical science. 

Types of X-rays used in hospitals 

  • Tomography – here, the X-rays provide images showing the functioning of the circulatory system. It helps to show detailed pictures of different organs such as blood vessels, arteries, hearts, etc. It can help detect blocked arteries, blood clots, or any other heart disease. 
  • Bones and teeth X-rays are the most common type of X-ray and give detailed images of the teeth and bones. It helps in getting the exact location of fractures for the bones. Also, it helps provide the proper place for teeth so that the dentist can work accordingly. 
  • KUB X-rays is an acronym used for the Kidney, ureter, and bladder X-ray. As evident from the name, it helps monitor the excretory system of the human body. It is one of the initial diagnostic tests when any problem is detected in the excretory system. 
  • Chest X-rays and Lung X-rays may seem to be the same thing, but they are practically different from each other and help diagnose various diseases. Chest X-rays typically show the bones and tissues of the chest. This is done mainly when the patient suffers from shortness of breath or regular coughing. 
  • Lung X-rays are mainly to detect any abnormality in the lung. There may be a whiteness or darkness, which is abnormal compared to the surroundings, and the doctors can work on it accordingly. 
  • Abdomen X-rays – It is done to look at the internal organs present in the abdomen region. This is done mainly when the patient suffers from persistent vomiting or stomach pain. 
  • Veterinary X-rays – X-ray machines used for humans cannot be used for animals. Even if used, there are several disadvantages. This is because the size of the animals is smaller compared to humans. As a result, the bigger-sized machines expose the entire body of the animals to X-rays. Therefore, special devices are there for the animals. Proximus Medical provides all types of X-ray machines at a reasonable price and the best quality. 
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