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Waiting at the emergency rooms for x-rays has been replaced slowly with portable x-ray machines. It is gaining popularity for ultimate convenience and comfort on the part of the elderly and significantly ill people.  The time taken by portable x-ray machines is about 20 to 25minutes.  Unlike x-ray machines, portables are easy to handle and shift to different places as required. Such machines are used while operating a patient or when a patient is in the emergency room undergoing surgeries.

 It is much smaller than the larger fixed one with certain limitations to it.  You can find them in veterinary clinics, dental clinics, or radiologists.  There is no need to take patients to special rooms. Also, the developed technology is much safer and can be effectively taken to another room.  Such machines r mostly used in places where the space is inadequate or where medical facilities are crowded for the convenience of the patients. The principle on which the x-rays work is the same where the light penetrates through the body and the images appear as white.  The patients, who are unable to walk to the hospital, get portable x-ray machines transferred to their homes with a doctor’s prescription and a certified technician. There are different types of portable x-ray machines for hands, remote screening, and radiographic units for regular hospital checkups, and digital mobile x-ray systems.

The Benefits of Going Portable


The benefits of portable x-ray are:
• Portability and mobility: – Patients who are unable to walk or when it’s risky for them to visit the radiology department, such machines are much useful. They are folded into small and transported easily to the home. Even the X-rays are transmitted to the doctors in minutes.
• No waiting: There are no queues or long waiting lines for compact x-ray machines.
• Less costly: – it involves less cost and safety during the operation. Instead of taking the patients to the machines, it would be less hectic to bring the machine to the patients.

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