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VETSMART Table X-Ray System

  • Fixed 40″ SID
  • Toshiba x-ray tube 140
  • HU 1-2mm focal spot
  • kVP range: 40-150kV
  • Single Phase 208-230VAC
  • High frequency 32kW capacitor assisted 400mA generator
  • 15″ Touch Screen Operator Console
  • Six exclusive table base/table top designs
  • 40″ Base w/ 64″ standard table top
  • 30″ Base w/ 40″, 48″, 56″ table top options
  • 40″ Base w/ 48″, 56″, 64″ table top options
  • Oval top w/ urine track
  • Unique Push and Open pull out tray to access DR detector
  • Exclusive Push and Open Front panel latch mechanism for easy generator access

SMART X-Ray Generator

  • Low input amperage
  • Remote real-time monitoring, calibration, and maintenance features (optional)
  • Exclusive self-diagnostic tool based on lot and machine learning
    to reduce the need for onsite service technicians

SMART X-Ray Collimator

  • Patented ATD (Auto Thickness Detection) technology
  • Open APR integration: control kV, mA, and mS
  • Exclusively control generator dosage (embedded AI/lot) by detecting body part for ideal exposure

VETSMART™ Veterinary X-Ray Machine

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