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MyVet Table i72W

The i72W, the MyVet x-ray table is a revolutionary design that delivers silent elevation to provide comfort and stability for the patient. The MyVet x-ray table is a cost-effective and workflow-efficient approach to veterinary digital radiographic imaging for your practice.

1717 Series Large Format Flat Panel Detector
The large-format 17”x17” detectors provide a faster and more streamlined approach to digital radiography imaging.
Unlike a traditional 14”x17” film size, a full field of view 17”x17” format eliminates the need to rotate a detector for large animals and body parts.

MyVet Table i72W X-Ray System Features:
  • Auto position to 40 and 72 inch
  • Minimum table top height: 10.5 inch
  • Rounded table corners
  • Quiet motor movement
  • Tube turns 90 degrees (for upright imaging)
  • Optical light switch tube headlock release
  • Magnetic contact charging Bucky
  • Easy footswitch operation
  • Generator: 32kW 400mA
  • Power: 32kW, 400mA, 280/230 VAC Single Phase
  • X-Ray Tube: 200 KHU 0.6-1.5mm Focal Spot
  • 17×17” Wireless DR Flat Panel Detector
  • SID (in): 40-72”
  • Stand (ft): 6.8 ft
  • Table (m): 1.5 x 0.64 m (59.1 x 25.2 in)

MyVet Table i72W

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