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Excellent reliability, minimum maintenance
DRYSTAR 5302 offers all the benefits of Direct Digital Imaging. This solid-state technology avoids the use of complex optical components, making the imager reliable and durable by design. Moreover, DRYSTAR 5302 is ecological and user-friendly. No more wet processing, no darkroom, no complicated adjustments or cleaning procedures. Chemicals, waste handling and disposal costs are things of the past.

Easy connectivity for maximum flexibility
DRYSTAR 5302 is a DICOM-native imager, which makes network connectivity easy. For point-to-point connection with non-DICOM modalities, DRYSTAR 5302 can be used with Agfa HealthCare’s LINX Paxport. Two media sizes on-line Despite its compact size, DRYSTAR 5302 features 2 media sizes on-line, with 5 media sizes available. The imager thus offers enhanced flexibility and convenience, as it is not necessary to constantly load a new media format for different image sizes. With its ultra-short access time for the first film and its throughput of 75 sheets per hour (14 x 17 inch), DRYSTAR 5302 offers versatility and improved workflow for almost all radiology applications.

Next-to-application imaging
The unit’s small footprint means that convenient next-to-application installation is possible in even the most space-restricted environments. DRYSTAR 5302’s freedom of placement, combined with its low investment and running costs, make it the perfect match for many modalities.

A total, one-stop imaging solution
Through its intelligent matching of Direct Digital Imaging technology, media and imager, DRYSTAR 5302 is designed to stand at the heart of Agfa HealthCare’s integrated solutions. Combined with state-of-the-art DRYSTAR DT2 media, diagnostic quality greyscale hardcopies of the highest standard are delivered time after time. Because it is heat-sensitive rather than light-sensitive, DT2 brings the added convenience of daylight loading.

Table TopYes
Throughput8 x 10 inch: 140 sheets/hour (26 sec. per sheet)
11 x 14 inch: 86 sheets/hour (42 sec. per sheet)
14 x 17 inch: 75 sheets/hour (48 sec. per sheet)
Access time first sheet: 77 sec. (14 x 17 inch – 12-bits)

8 x10″
10 x12″
11 x14″
14 x 14″
14 x 17″

DRYSTAR DT2 B: Blue base
DRYSTAR DT2 C: Clear base

2 media supply drawers
Supply Tray Capacity100 sheets per supply tray
ConnectivityIncludes Agfa’s DICOM 3.0 PMS Package which includes up to 6
DICOM Connection – connected at time of installation
Dimensions72,8 x 71,5 x 53,6 cm (H = 67,6 cm with output tray)
(28,7 x 28,1 x 21,1 inch (H = 26,6 inch with output tray))
Weight of Equipment90 kg (198 lbs)
Power RequirementsAuto ranging 100 – 240 V: 50/60 Hz
Operating ConditionsTemperature: 15 – 30 °C (59 – 86 °F) Humidity: 20 – 75% RH, non condensing
SafetyIEC 60601-1 UL 60601-1
CSA 22.2, Nr. 601.1 – M90
VDE 0750 CCC GB4943 (China)
Safety labels UL, cUL, TÜV-Mark, CCC-Mark
Additional AccessoriesOptions and Accessories
DRYSTAR Smart Cart
DRYSTAR 5302 Mounting Kit


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