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Four Tips From Experts to Maintain Your Medical X-Ray Equipment

A broken-down x-ray machine can cause a lot of inconvenience for you and your patients. Expensive, state-of-the-art equipment is of no use if it’s not in working condition. It is natural for a machine to deplete with time, but regular care and maintenance can elongate its life by many years saving a lot of unnecessary replacement costs.

A machine as important as an X-ray machine demands even more care, as it is used extensively. Even a tiny crack or dust in the machinery can violate the integrity of its results. In this blog, we have compiled some expert-recommended care tips for your medical x-ray equipment. 

Why is X-ray machine maintenance important?

There are two major concerns that can be solved by the regular maintenance of x-ray machines:

Safety: This is the number one priority of any healthcare facility. ignoring proper maintenance can cause some major safety issues. Loose or broken parts can injure both the radiology technician and the patient during the procedure. Additionally, unchecked x-ray machines can emit an unsafe amount of x-ray energy which can cause harm to the human body. Doctors usually recommend getting an image diagnosis done to identify an injury or a disease. A malfunctioning machine can show wrong results causing misdiagnosis.

Business: Medical imaging is a thriving business which means patients have a lot of options to choose from. An out-of-order machine can cause you to lose out on business. Moreover, when the machine breaks down, calling and rescheduling the patients causes inconvenience and chaos. The cost of getting it repaired also adds up, and regular maintenance can help prevent this issue.

How to properly care for your x-ray equipment?

Proper handling of your x-ray apparatus will not only optimize its performance but also protect your financial investment. Here are some recommendations from technicians to keep the medical imaging equipment as good as new.

Regular maintenance:

To keep your equipment running efficiently, regularly undertaking preventive maintenance is essential. Regular maintenance also ensures that the equipment complies with all the safety standards. Many facilities prefer hiring certified professionals for the task as they are more experienced.

Proper handling of equipment:

People handling your equipment should also be trained properly to avoid mishandling. In most cases, the equipment provider conducts a training session for all the staff and tells the working of the machine in detail.

Be sure not to overlook component care:

For your machine to work appropriately, the components also need to be fully functional. The batteries, radiographic films, detectors, and phosphor chassis all are components of an x-ray machine, and their downtown can negatively impact the ROI of your equipment.

Handling the equipment according to its technical specifications:

Keeping yourself well-acquainted with the technical specifications of your machine will help you achieve better results. With proper handling, the need for corrective maintenance also significantly goes down.

Takeaway: Proper maintenance of medical x-ray equipment helps in preserving its working life by many years. Checking the components, handling them with care, and conducting regular preventive services could be beneficial for your business also. Check out the range of products here and find the one suiting your needs.

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