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Wisonic Piloter


13.3-inch Touch Screen

  • High sensitivity touch screen
  • Horizontal and vertical rotation freely
  • Seamless design of the main unit and the screen
  • Support surface liquid disinfection


Remote Control Probes

  • 3 probe buttons
  • Button function interface icon
  • Remotely interact with the main unit


Hockey Stick Probe

Probe designed independently for terminal nerve block, facet joint, and terminal vascular puncture, LH15-6 is with light design, having a large operable area and able to be used in a limited space. At higher frequencies than conventional linear probes, superficial images have excellent resolution and detail display.


wiNeedle – Intelligent Needle Enhancement

The most challenging work during procedure is always distinguishing the needle from tissue. Piloter answers this by providing an intelligent wiNeedle feature, which can automatically recognize and enhance the needle visualization.

Intelligent puncture enhanced display technology makes the display of the puncture more visible in the human body.

This could save doctors lots of time on adjusting the parameters to focus on patients


wiLearn – Education Center

Piloter offers a wide range of educational software covering POC applications such as anesthesia, MSK and pain management.


  • 3” Sensitive capacitive touch-screen
  • Lightweight, height adjustable cart with optional 3 probe connector
  • Horizontal or vertical transformable viewing design
  • Support surface liquid disinfection

Wisonic Piloter

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