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The U-Arm X-Ray Radiographic Systems offer a choice of configurations that will accurately meet the needs and financial concerns of various imaging facilities.

PLUS Model:

Unique U-Arm machine design allows lateral table positioning while delivering precise alignment between the tube and image receptor in straight or angled positions. All radiographic studies can be accomplished with a variable SID of 40″ to 72″. Arm rotation, SID and vertical travel are motor driven.


  • Standard touch screen control console.
  • Standard integrated generator display.
  • Options remote infrared control for positioning.
  • Standard touch pad control at receptor.
  • Fully Motorized.

Optional mobile table allows for recumbent views, including cross table. Virtually any view can easily be accomplished with the ability to position the cross arm and table in any position. When not in use the table can be stored off to the side.

Fully Motorized. The X-Ray system’s intuitive controls, dual speed motorized movements and the triple anti collision protection assures the same patient and operator safety features as the PLUS model.

Variable SID from 40″ to 72″ can be controlled from the touch pad located at the receptor or the controls provided at the handle bar assembly. The convenient stop at 40″ and 72″ SID reduces setup time and increases patient thru-put.

Optional Mobile table enables recumbent views, including cross table exams. The table can be stored off to the side when not in use.

Digital display of arm angulation is located at the handle bar assembly.

Triple Anti Collision Protection

Choose from 32kw to 80kw HF Generators

Specifications: No

U-Arm X-Ray

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