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The right x-ray system for your facility Choose the components that work for the space and the imaging requirements of your facility. Be secure in knowing that the traditional system you purchase today will be able to be upgraded to take advantage of digital technology. Some components are listed here – contact us so that we can help you build your system Fixed Height Tables
  • Usually a standard height of 37″ (94 cm).
  • Rectangular top option.
  • Patient weight capactiy of 500 lbs.
Elevating Float Top Table
  • Heavy-duty, all-steel elevating table with fluid-sealed covers is the industry’s most hygienic design.
  • Flat, four-way floating top permits easy transfer and positioning of wheelchair, stretcher, geriatric or casted patients.
  • Foot-controlled, quiet lift mechanism and high-capacity motor safely supports patient weighing up to 650 Ibs.
  • Collision-sensing electronics and fail-safe locks enhance safe operation.
Floor Mounted Tubestand
  • Tube positioning is controlled by fingertip switches on the operator console with large
  • LCD screen and digital indications of SID and tube angle.
  • Cross-table views are easily accomplished using the rotational and transverse capabilities.
  • Extensive horizontal travel on the ten-foot floor track allows off-table and weight-bearing exams.
  • The classic lines and clean, powder-coated finish enhance the DFMT’s low maintenance profile.
Wall Stands
  • Meeting the requirements of upright radiology including lowering the image receptor to the floor for weight bearing studies.
  • Side-mounted and overhead patient hand grips
  • Cable concealment system
Bucky Wallstand
  • Stylized, single column structure allows for bucky center mounting or side mounting to facilitate wheelchair patients.
  • Ergonomically designed hand control maximizes operator comfort.
  • Side-mounted handgrips stabilize patients during standing exams.
  • Overhead handgrips optional.
Can be configured with 32, 40, 50, 65 and 80kW generators.

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