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Affordable, Versatile and Reliable

This system is one of the mo

st affordable digital solutions that adapts to the practices that want affordability, versatility and reliability to perform routine upright and extremity imaging. The combination of a variable tube stand and tilting wall stand delivers the flexibilit to accomplish a wide varity of upright and extremity views. Experience hight throughput and low cost of ownersip with this system.
Floor Wall Mount Tube Stand:

  • Platform tube mount, tube rotation
  • Magnetic locks for longitudinal, vertical and tube rotation
  • 10′ track provides for 40″ and 72″ SID and centering to detector for table top views

Tilt Wall Stand with Digital Detector:

  • Floor to wall mount with magnetic locks
  • Tilt mechanism, +90°, -40°
  • Intuitive software
  • Comfortable patient chin rest
  • Innovative image processing software based on view
  • 103 lin, 10:2 ration, 40 to 72″ focal range grid
  • Extensive down travel
  • High throughput
  • Low cost of ownership

Generator Integration

  • Virtual control console on acquisition monitor
  • Anatomical regions, view and paitent size selected at acquisition monitor
  • Preprogrammed techniques displayed at acquisition monitor
  • Image viewed within seconds of making an exposure


  • 400 or 500 mA high frequency .
  • APR

Acquisition Monitor

  • 21″ color, 2 mega pixel

X-Ray Tube

  • 200,000 heat unit, 0.6×1.5 mm fine focal spot for enhanced detail


  • Laser light collimator


  • 14×17″ tehterhed panel
  • Practice specific software
  • Stitching software
  • Report Wizard
  • Positioning Wizard
  • AEC
  • 17×17″ grid cabinet with tray for film or CR – replaced 17×17″ digital detector, PC and acquisition monitor


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