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SR-115 Portable X-Ray system

The SR-115 portable X-Ray machine was designed to focus on a price sensitive market that addresses cost containment goals for radiology capital equipment purchases in the portable x-ray market place.

Developed for clinicians who are satisfied using lower powered x-ray units and who will continue using traditional film screen systems. The SR-115 portable x ray machine is a user friendly system designed for high reliability, and the durability required for the Diagnostic Outreach Market. Providing state of the art technology, the SR-115 produces 1.5 kW of power. It’s 80 lb. net weight makes it the lightest portable x-ray system on the market today.

The SR-115 weighs significantly less than other systems that produce less output. It provides clinicians invaluable maneuverability and agility around beds and other essential equipment in tight areas where space is at a premium, especially in private homes. Utilizing a small foot print, the SR-115 is an ideal system to transport in small vehicles that are economically viable for Diagnostic Outreach Services.The SR-115 can be used in clinics, nursing homes, private homes, orthopedic practices, sports medicine and correctional facilities.

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Model: SR-115

  • High Power Output (1.5 kW)
  • 100 kV, 15 mA, 60 mAs
  • High Frequency
  • Microprocessor Control
  • Light Weight /Very Agile
  • Cost Effective
  • Designed for Reliability
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish
  • Limited 3 year Warranty


  • Generator High frequency resonant inverter – 1.5 kW Input Voltage
    115/230 VAC, 50/60hZ kVp Range 40 – 100 kVp, adjustable in 1 kV increments – closed loop regulation
  • mA Range Fixed, 15 mA – closed loop regulation mAs Range 0.15 – 60 Indicators
    Digital display of kVp and mAs. X-Ray, Ready and Fault indicators.
  • Exposure Detachable two-position Switch
  • X-Ray Tube Stationary Anode 100 kVp
  • Filtration 2.7 mm al minimum
  • Target Material Tungsten
  • Anode Capacity 20,000 HU Storage
  • Focal Spot 1.0 mm Target Angle 15°
  • Collimator Advantech R72/32-ET
  • Tape Measure SID Measurement
  • Inclinometer Angle Measurement
  • Travel Stand
  • Min. F/S to Floor 13″ / 33 cm
  • Max. F/S to Floor 78″ / 198 cm
  • Hor. Ext. of F/S 21″ / 53 cm
  • Hor. Rotation 200° Tube Rotation 270°
  • System Weight 80 lbs. / 36 kG


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