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Transducer design, quality of materials and manufacturing technology drive image quality. The scan converters, post processing algorithms and incorporated technologies of the new series premium transducers on S60 have been optimized to deliver greater clarity, color and contrast supporting your diagnostic imaging challenges. Moreover, the compact and lightweight design ensure a natural alignment between the hand and wrist, making daily scanning more comfortable.

S-Fetus algorithm has been designed to simplify a standard obstetric ultrasound procedure by reducing it to just scanning the patient for a cine loop and pressing a touch screen button, without the need to navigate through menus or press different buttons. It selects the best section image and automatically performs the various measurements required to monitor fetus growth and development.

S60 is now equipped with a brand-new technology Micro F. It is a ultrasound Doppler technique employing a unique algorithm that allows minute vessels visualization and slow flow detection but without having to use a contrast agent.

The new high density volume rendering engine of S60 significantly optimizes signal processing and 3D rendering, making outstanding volumetric performance outshines others in terms of high volume rates, exceptional details, and realistic effect.


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