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SHIMADZU MobileArt Evolution Mobile X-Ray

We currently have both 32kW and 12kW units in stock and ready to go! Fully tested with new batteries.

Modern medial facilities require rapid examination under a variety of situations. This newly launched, state-of the-art mobile x-ray system is available in two forms:

  • The Standard 12kW enhances the highly-acclaimed maneuverability and easy handing of Shimadzu mobile systems.
  • The High Powered 32kW with maximum power output for superior image quality. This high-powered type ensures blur free images and short exposure times, even for children and patients who find it difficult to stay still.

These x-ray systems provide powerful support in medical facilities. It was built to be maneuverable in a crowded medical facility with low drive noise, safety alarm when moving to avoid accidents and power-assist functions to allow it to be driven naturally. This is a truly a reliable mobile x-ray system

Shimadzu MobileArt

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