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Refurbished GE AMX4+

The fully refurbished GE AMX4+ 125kVp is the most reliable mobile battery powered x-ray on the market. Can be combined with the DR solutions best fit for your facility and budget.


  • 12kW High frequency generator.
  • GE AMX-4 Collimator
  • 100 mA constant.
  • 24 kVp stations.
  • kVp 50-125.
  • 28 mAs stations.
  • mAs 0.4-320.
  • LED display.
  • NEW Batteries
  • NEW Drive Belts
  • X-Ray tube MX-75
  • Focal spot .75mm.
  • Rotating Anode
  • 275k HU

Refurbished GE AMX4+

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