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The reconditioned OEC 9900 Elite select configurations are ideal for Office,Outpatient and Ambulatory Center settings.

Superb Imaging

  • 1k x 1k x 16 bit resolution imaging
  • Advanced image processing accentuates what needs to be seen and attenuates what isn’t needed
  • Dynamic Range Management technology processes images such as bone and vasculature separately for optimum definition
  • Dose management options for more control: Digital Spot,High Level Fluoroscopy, Standard Fluoroscopy, Low Dose, and Pulse Mode
  • Smart Metal for enhanced imaging when metal is present
  • AutoTrak sampling window automatically moves with the anatomy to ensure superb images during live fluoro

Workflow Efficiency

  • Simple user interface with touchscreen reduces procedure time to improve efficiency
  • Flat panel monitors on an articulating arm allow viewing of images from anywhere in the room
  • Superb mechanical C-arm design features counterbalancing and friction controls for easier AP and lateral movement, orbital rotation, and head-to-toe angulation.

Refurbishing Process:
All OEC-9800’s go through a multistep refurbishing process. Each unit is restored to a like-new status. Pain Management, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Services are just a few of the applications utilizing the refurbished OEC-9800 c-arm. The rotating x-ray tube allows for greater penetration and resolution for the lumbar area when doing needle localizations or other work involving the thicker anatomical areas of patients. For barium swallows a VCR or Digital Video Recorder can be utilized for better record keeping and post study analysis. The 1K X 1K CCD Technology used in the OEC-9800 image system allows for crisp, clear imaging. Whatever the purpose, a refurbished OEC-9800 will deliver the results you can depend on.

Mechanical repairs/cosmetic maintenance

  • All defective parts and covers are repaired or replaced
  • C-arm is completely disassembled and repainted
  • “C” is removed from main frame assembly
  • Horizontal arm removed, inspected and repaired as necessary
  • Vertical column removed and bearings removed inspected and replaced as required
  • X-ray tube removed and inspected for artifacts and internal integrity
  • Image intensifier removed and inspected for any imperfections and grid integrity
  • Camera removed
  • Wheels removed, cleaned and or replaced from main chassis
  • Chassis inspected for structural defects and repaired as necessary
  • Vertical lift assembly is tested for drift and adjusted/replaced if necessary
  • All bearings are inspected, cleaned and re-lubricated, or replaced as needed
  • Control panel display is tested and replaced if necessary
  • All wheels are inspected and lubricated and/or replaced as needed, with new cable pushers installed
  • All locks and brake assemblies are inspected, cleaned, and repaired or replaced as needed
  • C-arm is completely disassembled and repainted
  • Steering is tested and adjusted is required
  • Foot switch and hand switch provided on each unit
  • A complete set of operator and service manuals are provided


  • All components sent to C-arm reassembly area for rebuilding
  • “C”, Image tube and camera, Vertical column, main control and power cable installed
  • New batteries are installed
  • New CRT monitors installed in monitor cart
  • Monitor cart rebuilt
  • When C-arm is completely rebuilt mechanically system is sent for calibration and final testing


  • Image intensifier and X-ray tube are tested for stability and balance
  • Image intensifier is tested for resolution and gain to be within OEM specifications
  • X-ray tube bearings are tested for noise and coast time
  • X-ray tube filaments and stator windings are tested
  • X-ray tube radiation output is verified to be within OEM specifications
  • X-ray generator high voltage tested
  • Maximum dose rate is set in compliance with government regulations
  • CCD camera calibrated to OEM specifications
  • X-ray beam is aligned for each field size
  • C-arm is tested for current leakage requirements
  • All monitors are aligned, resized, centered and focused
  • All monitors are adjusted for brightness and linearity
  • Video system is optimized for gray scale and resolution
  • All power supplies are tested and calibrated or replaced as necessary

X-ray System


  • 60kHz high frequency
  • 15kW power
  • Up to 120kVp
  • Up to 75mA for radiographic film exposure
  • Continuous high level fluoro (HLF) up to 20mA
  • Digital spot up to 75mA
  • Digital cine pulse
  • 15 or 30 pulses per second, 60 Hz
  • 12 or 25 pulses per second, 50 Hz
  • Up to 150mA
  • 10ms pulse width
  • Full power from standard wall outlet
  • Patented battery buffered design

X-ray Tube

  • Rotating anode X-ray tube
  • 0.3 and 0.6 nominal focal spots
  • Anode heat capacity: 300,000 HU
  • Anode cooling rate: 85,000 HU/min.
  • Housing heat capacity: 1,600,000 HU
  • Housing cooling rate:
  • 9” I.I. Super C- 22,500 HU/min
  • 12” I.I. – 22,500 HU/min

Digital Image Rotation

  • Digitally adjusts image display
  • Automatic image update
  • Image rotation
  • Image reversal (side-to-side)
  • Image invert (top-to-bottom)
  • Image positioning without additional exposure

PreView Collimator

  • On-screen collimator position indication
  • PreView iris collimator
  • PreView Tungsten rotatable double leaf collimator
  • Adjusts collimators without X-ray exposure

Fluoro Mode

  • kVp range: 40 -120
  • mA range: 0.2 – 10 normal mode 1.0 – 20 HLF (high level fluoro)
  • Auto and manual fluoro modes
  • AutoTrak ABS varies mA, kVp, camera gain

Pulsed Fluoro Mode

  • kVp range: 40 – 120
  • mA range: 0.2 – 10
  • Pulse rate: 1, 2, 4, 8
  • Pulse width: 25 or 50ms
  • AutoTrak ABS, mA, kVp, camera gain
  • Reduces X-ray dose to patient and operator

High Level Pulsed Fluoro

  • kVp range: 40 – 120
  • mA range: 1 – 40
  • Pulse rate: 1, 2, 4, 8
  • Pulse width: 25 or 50ms
  • AutoTrak ABS, mA, kVp, and camera gain

Digital Spot Mode

  • kVp range: 40 – 120
  • mA range: Up to 75
  • Automatic exposure termination and automatic image save Radiographic Mode
  • mA range: up to 75
  • mAs range: up to 300
  • Computer controlled exposure time
  • Optional film cassette holder
  • 10” x 12” (24cm x 30cm) for 9” I.I.
  • 14” x 14” (35cm x 35cm) for 12” I.I.

Video Imaging System 9” Image Intensifier

  • Tri-mode 9”/6”/4.5” (23cm/15cm/11cm) image intensifier
  • Minimum central resolution (at monitor):
    – 9” (23cm): 2.2 lp/mm
    – 6” (15cm): 3.0 lp/mm
    – 4.5” (11cm): 3.5 lp/mm
  • DQE: 65% (typical) 12” Image Intensifier
  • Tri-mode 12”/9”/6” (31cm/23cm/15cm) image intensifier
  • Minimum central resolution (at monitor):
    – 12” (31cm): 1.6 lp/mm
    – 9” (23cm): 2.2 lp/mm
    – 6” (15cm): 2.6 lp/mm
  • DQE: 65% (typical)

Precision Imaging with Dynamic Range Management (DRM)

  • Preset Imaging Profile: Orthopedic
  • Enhances features of interest while attenuating background noise

AutoTrak Automatic Brightness Stabilization (ABS)

  • Automatically seeks the subject anatomy anywhere within the imaging field and selects the optimum imaging technique
  • Automatically adjusts to anatomical size and location
  • Provides uniform image quality throughout entire image
  • Simplifies operation

Image Quality Features

  • Smart Window
    – Dynamically senses the collimator position and automatically adjusts brightness and contrast to produce high image quality
  • Smart Metal
    – Allows user to adjust automatic brightness and contrast sensitivity levels to metal
    – Provides optimum image quality even when metal is introduced to the field
  • Tungsten Collimator
    – Dense collimator limits X-ray exposure area
    – Reduces scatter radiation
    – Improves image detail Video Camera
  • High resolution 1k x 1k CCD camera
  • Full frame capture
  • Motorized rotation
  • On-screen orientation indicator (real-time feedback without fluoro)
  • Left-right image reversal
  • Top-bottom image invert Video Display
  • Dual 19” (48cm) display anti-glare, LCD flat panel monitors mounted on an articulating arm
    – 22” horizontal travel
    – 7° up/10° down
    – Monitors viewable from all four sides of workstation
    – Horizontal and vertical viewing angle 170°
  • 1200 CD/M2 maximum brightness
  • Touch screen system control
  • 1280 x 1024 high resolution monitors
  • Integrated color monitor for display of VGA, DVI, DVI-D, S-VHS, and SDISD formats

Software Package Office Pain (OP) and Ambulatory Center (AC)

  • 1k x 1k x 16 bit image processing
  • Preset Imaging Profile: Orthopedic
  • Noise filter with on-screen indicator
  • Minimal difference spatiotemporal noise filter (MDST)
  • Real-time dynamic range management (DRM)
  • Automatic digital brightness and contrast control
  • Manual digital brightness and contrast control
  • Negate mode
  • Save and auto-save feature
  • Swap and auto-swap feature
  • Patient information
    – Examination list
    – Customized patient information
  • Customize functions
    – Workstation set-up
    – Mainframe set-up
    – Patient information set-up
    – Date/time set-up
    – DICOM interface set-up
  • Last image hold
  • 63 image storage
  • CD/DVD burner with DICOM viewer for displaying images on PC platforms
    – 512 x 512 or 1k x 1k
  • Integrated DICOM interface (store, print, worklist, and query/retrieve)
  • HIPAA SecureView
    – Password protection
    – Blank screen function
    – Delete all

Ambulatory Center Extended (ACE)
Includes all the AC features and:

  • 1000 image storage
  • Zoom and roam function
  • Image annotation
  • Measurement software

Office Pain Extended (OPE)
Includes all the OP features and:

  • Real-time digital subtraction (DSA)
  • Peak opacification
  • 8fps Dynamic digital disk
    – Recording/playback rate: 1, 2, 4, 8fps
    – Recording time: 5 minutes @ 8fps
    – Automatic image playback
    – Frame-by-frame review

Additional Features
Hardcopy Options • Integrated film/paper printer
– No film developing required
– 8” x 10” (20.3cm x 25.5cm) laser quality film/paper
– Multi-format, 1, 2, 4 on 1
– Multi-copy capability

  • Thermal printers
  • Integrated DICOM interface (storage class/print class/query work-list)
    User Interface
  • Entire system is computer controlled
  • Touchscreen control simplifies operation
  • Automated system operation requires minimum operator interface
  • Multi-functional controls
    – Footswitch
    – IR remote (optional)
    – Hand-held control
  • Simplified keyboard with integrated touchpad
  • Multi-purpose image directory
    – Retrieve and review images
    – Compose hardcopy films
    – Copy images
  • X-ray dose summary

Uninterruptible Power

  • Orderly shutdown Electrical

Input power (60 Hz or 50 Hz) 9900 Elite
– 100V @ 20 A
– 120V @ 12 A
Regulatory Compliance

  • U.S. 21 CFR Subchapter J
  • NFPA 99
  • UL 60601-1 (CSA/NRTL)
  • IEC60601-1 (plus relevant Collateral and Particular Standards)

Reconditioned OEC 9900 ELITE

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