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Rayence DR Retrofit

The Rayence DRPOD 715-WCA (Cesium) or DRPOD 715-SGA ( Gadolinium) are dedicated DR panel x-ray detector solutions for the podiatry market. Its provides podiatrists a smart & cost effective ways to upgrade their current x-ray systems to provide them with the many benefits of a DR workflow. In combination with industry leading technical specifications and our exclusive post processing algorithms, Rayence has established the benchmark for the quality solution today’s podiatrist have to come require.

The Rayence Podiatry DR Retrofit includes a true flat panel detector (Cesium or Gadolinium), ADA compliant retrofit orthoposer base, workstation and advanced imaging software solution dedicated to the podiatry market



  • DICOM File Mangement* DICOM Printing
  • CD Buringing with CD Viewer
  • Image Magnification
  • Image Stitching – up to 3 Images
  • Measuring the length and angles of the Image
  • Adding annotation text, graphics and electronic markers to an image
  • Display the studied images side by side

More Information:

  • View Images in less than 5 seconds
  • No Film Processor or Cassettes
  • Maximum throughout: >300 images processed per hour (fastest in the market)
  • Sensor weight: 6.6lbs
  • P-DR Bi-Directional Base with Patient Support System
  • 3.5 in low base: improves patient throughput
  • Manufactured by Rayence

Rayence DR Retrofit

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