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The Rayence Portable is a powerful Medical X-Ray system that features a fully integrated wireless DR panel and software customized for the rapid response needed in many applications while not sacrificing accuracy or image quality. It’s light weight makes it easy to transport between rooms, remote sites and does not require a dedicated room.

The Rayence Xmaru Pro software is fully integrated into the high frequency generator and fully controls the exposure settings and image review from the laptop screen. It also optimizes the image for detailed review.

More Information:

  • Width: 26”
  • Height: 52 3/4”
  • Depth: 38 7/8”
  • Weight :w/ DR panel: 100 lbs
  • Max Output Power:2.7KW
  • Generator Frequency: 70KHz
  • KV Range : 40-100kV
  • mA Range : 12-30mA
  • Input Voltage : 110/220V
  • Phase /Frequency : Single /50-60HZ

Rayence DPX DR

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