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Rayence 1417WCE-HR

Rayence 14×17 High Resolution Wireless Flat Panel Detector



Meet the next generation of X-ray automatic exposure detection with our AcuDetect technology. Our state-of-the-art silicon-based sensors are designed to detect individual photons, ensuring accurate and dependable identi cation of X-rays that have been exposed. Detectors equipped with AcuDetect reliably recognize X-ray doses, even for patients weighing nearly 300 pounds or low dose levels.



Until now, a choice had to be made between a 140μ m and 100μm digital X-ray detector depending on the speci c application and requirements of the site. However with the new MultiPixel technology, you can take advantage of both pixel pitch by switching modes on demand!


16 Hours Battery Life

Best in class 16 hour dual batteries o er the convenience of hot-swapping for uninterrupted usage. 10min charge from 0% provides a substantial 40 minutes of operational time.


Light Weight

The portable detector allows for more precise movement and enhances security during interactions with the detector.


Slip and Impact Protection

Integrating aerospace grade slip prevention and bumper system to prevent and protect against impact damage, provide tackiness to prevent slip, and is resistant against corrosive elements.


IP 67 Water and Dust Resistance

Enhanced Resistance prevents liquid penetration and is designed to shield against dust and contaminants.


Active Area –  16.8 x 13.8 inch

Scintillator – Cesium

Resolution –  3.5 lp/mm

Effective Pixel Matrix – 2500 x 3052

Pixel Pitch –  100 micron

A/D Conversion – 14/16 bit

Preview Time – ≤ 5 Sec.

Weight – 6.6 lbs / 3 kg

Dimensions – 18.1 x 15.1 x 0.6 in

Financing Available

Starting at $373/mo

Rayence 14×17 100micron Wireless DR


Onsite Installation Included

Financing Available

Starting at $373/mo

* 72 Month $1.00 Buy Out Term, Deferred and Other Financing Options Available

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