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Digital Diagnostic Imaging and Fluoroscopy

Mobile DI is the ideal mini c-arm for your clinical and off-site or remote access extremity imaging needs. This portable x-ray and fluoroscopic device offers a range of connectivity options for your electronic management records and produces excellent digital image quality.

Mobile DI allows for the following procedures:

  • Extremity and Shoulder X-Rays
  • Fluoroscopic needle guidance
  • Motion studies
  • Weight-bearing views
  • Joint stability tests
  • Shallow pin removals
  • Fluoroscopic needle guidance
  • Stress views
  • Dynamic views
  • Unorthodox views
  • Closed reductions
  • Arthrography

Improved Mobile Accessory Cart
A new articulating mid-mount monitor arm, with increased vertical and horizontal motion, allows for optimal positioning of the display while seated or standing. A redesigned keyboard tray includes conveniently located side-mounted handles for easy manipulation.

Benefits in the Office
Secondary Image Source

  • Reduces patient wait times
    Potential Revenue Source
  • Established CPT codes
  • Digital x-ray and fluoroscopy

Patient Benefits

  • Patients enjoy viewing images in real-time
  • Bring imaging to immobile patients

Portable & Lightweight
OrthoScan Mobile DI offers ease of movement between exam rooms, satellite clinics, urgent care centers, emergency departments, athletic team venues, and military units. Weighing approximately 35 pounds, Mobile DI introduces versatility to orthopaedic imaging. At 12″ by 19 ″, Mobile DI possesses the smallest footprint on the market for mini c-arms.

Imaging Flexibility
Mobile DI provides easy access to shoulder images as well as weight-bearing knee and foot views. The Mobile DI mini c-arm can be placed on a table top, or mounted on the accessory cart enabling Mobile DI to move easily between rooms. The accessory cart also provides orbital c-arm rotation needed for shoulder and knee views.

Additional Procedures
Mobile DI allows for additional procedures in the office, improved workflow, and patient satisfaction. Benefits include reductions in patient lead times and established CPT codes for increased reimbursement.

  • Motion studies
  • Weight-bearing views
  • Joint stability tests
  • Shallow pin removals
  • Fluoroscopic needle guidance
  • Stress views
  • Dynamic views
  • Unorthodox views
  • Closed reductions
  • Arthrography

OrthoScan offers a range of accessory and connectivity options that expand the diagnostic capability of Mobile DI, allow for additional portability, and maintain clinical excellence.

  • Mobile accessory cart
  • Wheeled storage case
  • Custom covers and drapes
  • Desktop setup
  • Tablet

Flat Detector Technology
Flat detectors provide increased image quality, improved reliability, and more efficient imaging. Compared to image intensifiers, the flat detector’s more direct signal conversion path, with essentially no optics, results in uniform image brightness and less geometric distortion. The solid state detector provides more reliability and no image degradation due to vacuum leaks. Lastly, flat detectors read more of the individual x-rays, translating into better image quality for a given dose.

DICOM 3.0 Compliant
Store: Sends images to a PACS server
Modality Worklist: Imports patient information from a hospital/radiology information system
Print: Sends images to a DICOM networked printer
Video: Sends video to a PACS server

EMR Image Link
Enables EMR connectivity with the Mobile DI. OrthoScan is the only mini c-arm capable of automatically transferring images to your EMR system (US customers only).

More Information:
Detector Resolution 2 k x 1.5 k
Detector Size 15.0 cm x 12.0 cm

X-Ray Monoblock
Focal spot 50 microns
kV range 40 – 78 kVp

Mobile DI Dimensions
Weight 35 lb
Height 25″

Wireless communication – capable
DICOM 3.0 compliant – yes

Weight-bearing Foot bench – optional
Field controls – yes

OrthoScan Mobile DI

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