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This system utilizes a Toshiba FDX3543RP Tethered Cesium DR Imaging Panel coupled with MinXray’s PowerPlus portable x-ray machine, as used by the US Armed Forces. The system moves easily like a two wheel cart. The Toshiba panel slips out of its protective sleeve and the system sets up in less than a minute. The radiographic image appears on the computer screen in about 5 seconds after exposure.

The system is composed of the following components:

  • 1 ea. Toshiba FDX3543RP Tethered Cesium DR Imaging Panel
  • 1 ea. Software Package (Acquisition Viewing Software with DICOM Send and PT CD Writer)
  • 1 ea. HF120/60H+ High Frequency Portable X-Ray Unit
  • 1 ea. XGSDR Portable Mobile DR Stand with 16” wheels
  • 1 ea. Dell Lap Top Computer
  • 1 set CMDR-2S-LW Applications Manuals
  • 1 ea. Grid Cap

Total System Weight is Approximately 136lbs


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