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JPI TruePortable

Designed with portable provider technologists in mind, TruePortable™ stands out as lighter, more agile, and offering superior protection compared to its competitors. Navigating stairs, confined spaces, and even sliding beneath beds is effortlessly achievable with the TruePortable™.

High-frequency x-ray generators combine compact size, light product weight, and portability for several medical and veterinary applications. Our x-ray stands are extremely stable mobile x-ray platforms intended for use in veterinary clinics, sports medicine environments, and other mobile x-ray applications.

Lighter, more maneuverable, and better protected than the competition, TruePortable™ was designed specifically with portable provider technologists in mind. The TruePortable™ can be maneuvered easily up stairs, in tight areas, and underneath beds.

With the full integration with ExamVue™ Duo software, healthcare professionals have the capability to control the high-frequency portable X-ray generator CubeX right from the software without the need for physical adjustments to the techniques.

Weight: 82 lbs with Generator
2.7kW 100kV Power
50kHU X-Ray tube and integration with 14×17 Wireless Cesium DR
Maximum SID to Floor: 79”
Large Wheels: 10”
Folded Dimensions: 27” x 57” x 27”

JPI TruePortable

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