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FDR Clinica has all the advanced features you need to enhance workflow and improve the patient experience.

New features include:

  • Tilting Wall Stand
    A wide variety of exams can be performed using the optional tilting wall stand. Nonambulatory patients can be easily imaged in the seated position.
  • Dual-reference Rotation
    Both top- and center-reference rotation are available in our rotating tray, with automatic connection to the detector. The detector can be rotated while mounted in the tray with no need to remove and remount, greatly reducing handling.
  • Automatic Connection
    The detector cable and connector are built into the tray, enabling the detectors to be automatically connected when set in the tray. This new function greatly improves efficiency and provides a clean look with no need to manage cabling. The automatic connection to the detector keeps the battery charged in the event that wireless operation is required.

Advanced image processing: Dynamic Visualization

Fujifilm’s renowned digital image processing expertise, including Dynamic Visualization, optimizes image display based on recognition of contrast levels throughout the entire exposure field. The resulting first-up images have outstanding detail and greater window and leveling capability in PACS.
Patented ISS capture technology promotes high sensitivity

FDR Clinica is intended for use with FDR D-EVO detectors featuring Fujifilm’s proprietary Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) technology, which positions its capture electronics (TFTs) at the irradiation side, in contrast to traditional detectors. This design significantly suppresses scattering and attenuation of X-ray signals, improving efficiency to produce sharper images at lower doses compared to traditional designs.*

*Based on higher MTF and DQE demonstrated in Sato K, et al., Effect of X-ray incident direction and scintillator layer design on image quality of indirect conversion flat-panel detector with GOS phosphor.


FDR Clinica X-ray Generators:
Capacity Assisted Generator – perfect for the medium sized xray department. No power supply modification necessary. 40kW Single Phase Input power 3kW.
Line Powered Generator – Can handle the rigorous workload of a large facility with Three Phase Input power and several power ratings from which to choose: 40, 52, 68 kW.

X-Ray Tubes:
Focal Spot Size: 0.6/1.5mm or 1.6/1.2mm
Max. Anode HU: 200kHU or 300kHU
Target Angle: 14° or 12°

Field shape: Rectangular Max. Field Size: More than 17×17 in at 100cm SID
Inherent Filtration: Min. 2.0mmAl eq.
Luminosity: Over 160 LUX at 100cm SID (typ. 250 LUX)
Light Source: Single LED
Standard: Laser line, tape measure, rotating flange

Vertical Wall Stand
Cassette Stroke: Vertical 65in (17-81 in from floor to bucky center)
Bucky type/grid: Fixed – FD 150 cm, 103 lpi, ratio 10:1
Lock(brake): EM lock, switch on/off
Balance: Counter Weight
Dimension/Weight: Max. 85(H) x 26 (W) x 16 (D) in / 264 lbs (120 kg)

Floor-mounted Tube Stand
Tube rotation angle: +/- 135°
Tube stroke: Longitudinal Max. 87 inc, Lateral 7 in, Vertical 62 in (17-80 in from floor to focus)
Lock(brake): EM Lock, Foot switch on/off
Balance: Counter Weight
Column Rotation: 90° step
Dimension/Weight: 90 (H) x 54 (d) x 118(W) in / 529 lbs (240 kg)
More Information:
Patient Table Options:

  • 4-way Floating Tabletop
  • 6-way Floating Tabletop
  • Both tables accomodate a maximum patient weight of 600 lbs.
  • FDR D-EVO II or FDR ES Digital Radiography detectors
  • FDR D-EVO II Cesium and Gadolinium models.
  • FDR ES C35 14×17 and C43 17×17 Cesium models.
  • FDR ES G35 14×17 and G43 17×17 Gadolinium models.

FUJI FDR Clinica

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