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Vascular Dopplers

he DigiDop family has multiple options to fit your needs and budget.

  • Incredible sensitivity – upto 6x other Dopplers!
  • Smart Recharge System – won’t charge (or blow up) alkaline batteries!
  • Unlimited 5 year warranty – ALL parts! ALL labor!
  • Knowledgeable and supportive customer service!

A Simple – But Revolutionary – Advance In Vascular Dopplers
Makes the exam so easy it feels like cheating


  • Create optimum angle
  • Steady the probe
  • Reduce occlusion from probe pressure

DigiDop II
DD-330 = non-display, non-rechargable
DD-330R = non-dispaly, rechargable
DD-770 = display, non-rechargable
DD-770R = display, rechargable

DD-330 = non-display, non-rechargable
DD-301 = non-dispaly, rechargable
DD-700 = display, non-rechargable
DD-701 = display, rechargable

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DigiDop Vascular

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