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CANON RadPro FLEX 40kW Portable X-ray


Equipped with a 70C digital flat panel detectors from Canon, the RadPRO Mobile 40kW Digital X-ray System can improve workflow, throughput, and patient care. Fast processing times make it easy to capture high-quality diagnostic images for routine diagnosis or challenging trauma while adding flexibility in patient positioning and the ability to manage or manipulate images at bedside. No more film and chemistry or carrying cassettes to a CR reader; the RadPRO Mobile 40kW Digital X-ray System offers immediate improvements in bedside imaging: from fast turnaround times and outstanding diagnostic image quality.


  • NEW CXDI-701C 14×17 Cesium Wireless Panel with 3-yr. parts warranty & 1-yr. Protection Plus at no extra charge
  • 18-month Warranty on the Mobile X-Ray portion
  • The 40Kw high frequency generator provides up to 150kVp, 500mA, and 500mAs which, when paired with the standard 300KHU x-ray tube, is powerful enough to shoot through most patients, including bariatric. With 2 battery systems, the RadPRO 40kW provides independent power for exposure control and the drive system reducing power drain and allowing for increased productivity.

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