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Amrad’s Small Room Solution Pocket X-Ray Machine is the most compact fixed DR detector x-ray in the market.

It comes in 30kW and 40kW versions, with or without a mobile table. In the SRS Pocket, our design and engineering teams took into account all the exams a facility would need.

When the wallstand and tubestand are used independently, upright exams are easy and quick to perform. The intuitive system status display (SSD) lets the technologist know exactly when the units are in the proper detents for 40” and 72” imaging. No more guessing.

No More Space Problems

The AMRAD Medical SRS Pocket X-Ray Machine is designed to tackle one of the biggest challenges that facilities face today: limited space. 

Creating space for an x-ray suite is always needed in order to effectively and easily perform exams. But existing facilities often do not have extra room to devote to large equipment footprint. For new medical locations that are being built, space for x-ray is often an afterthought. 


The new Medical SRS Pocket X-Ray Machine solves those tribulations. This innovative system can be installed in the pocket (8’ by 8’ room) of a medical facility. 

A creative dual rail design allows the tubestand and wallstand to function independently. Plus, it also allows the tubestand and wallstand to form a single unit that can be moved and positioned simultaneously.


Summit Industries SRS Pocket Xray TiltingThe tilting cabinet on the wallstand allows for all types of exams. Easy to read and operate tilting mechanism with a tilt range of +105° for cervical work and 0° for extremities and detents every 15° in between. It means the possibilities for exams are unlimited, even with its more compact footprint. 


With the growth in urgent care, facilities do not always have sufficient room for imaging. And the belief of being able to open up a practice fast with minimal construction costs is a win for the group openings a new diagnostic imaging center.   

No longer will facilities be denied the idea of having Imaging without doing construction. The time is now, the product is here, the AMRAD Medical SRS Pocket X-Ray Machine is the answer. Big ideas in a pocket-sized product. 

Amrad SRS Pocket X-Ray Machine

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