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Limited on space? The AMRAD Medical Aptitude R/F multi-purpose system is designed to accomplish a vast range of procedures, and satisfy the needs of Radiologists, Orthopedists, Urologists, and Speech Pathologists by allowing many Special Procedures to move out of the highly specialized department and back into Radiology.

The Aptitude provides real-time diagnostic imaging for a vast range of procedures, including digestive, vascular, cardiovascular and urinary as well as a variety of interventional guidance applications while also satisfying the needs for general radiology exams including those that require stitching (optional).

The 9025 tilt offers a space-saving design and maximizes the utilization of your Fluoroscopic Suite with our multi-purpose Aptitude R/F system.


  • Table tilt of + 90°/- 25°, motorized at 6°/s
  • Space saving design with integrated electronics
  • The wide width flat tabletop, 88.5 in x 31.9 in (225 cm x 81 cm) allows for convenient positioning and centering for bariatric patients.
  • Composite footrest allows profile exams with optimum comfort and safety for the patient
  • The main control features sensitive capacitive keys and touchscreen where table & generator parameters can be selected
  • Fitted with HIRIS RF 43 FL digital system that includes one acquisition console and one 17” x 17” large format flat panel detector which provide exceptional image quality

Amrad Aptitude

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