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The HF PXS-710 is a brand new high frequency x-ray system with full software integration.

Also included is the easy to use HG+ digital receptor, the latest in computer technology, full Opal-RAD software package with the most robust features, extended warranties, and an on-site installer and trainer to make sure you are comfortable and 100% satisfied.

HF PXS-710 X-Ray

Qualifies for ADA Tax Credit

  • High Frequency output
  • enhanced image quality
  • 1/2 raditiaon dose, twice as efficient
  • extends x-ray tube life
  • Versatile sensor positioning
  • improves patient thoughtput
  • 3.5in. low base
  • improved step height for patient use
  • integrated cable management
  • maxium weight bearing material
  • enhanced patietn support rail system


  • 10×12 Premium CESIUM Wireless Flat Panel
  • Lightest Panel Available at 3.75lbs
  • High Quality Images
  • Rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction
  • Capacitor Charging System (NO batteries)

10X12 HG+ DR Panel


Easy Maneuvering

  • Sleek, Compact Design
  • Multi-Handle Configuration

Superb x-ray detail

  • 3.4 lp/mm
  • Flat Panel Technology
  • Superior Image Quality
  • High Sensitivity
  • High Resolution Output
  • 10.4″x12.7″ active image matrix
  • Pixel Matrix: 4608×5904


Acquire Softwaer/Generator Integration

  • Antomical Program Selection
  • Preset x-ray techniques
  • Selection directly at workstation
  • x-pipe technology: sharper images, clairty
  • Quick view selection
  • Customizable image sharpness level
  • Auto contrast upon processing
  • Image auto-shutter/crop
  • Images auto-save durign acquisition to Server for immediate access in exam rooms

PC Hardware

Dell™ brand Business Class Components†
Server PC (Full PACS)

  • Core i3, 4GB ram†
  • 1TB RAID 1 mirror (failsafe system)

All-in-One Touchscreen 23 PC”

  • Core i3, 4GB†
  • Space saving design for x-ray room
  • Wall mountable
  • Optional keyboard/mouse included

23″ LED/LCD 2MP Viewing Monitor

Off-site backup system

  • 2.5″ lightweight portable hard drives(2)
  • Laptop also available for acquisition

Opal-RAD Software

Multi-functional Studylist (see above)

  • Burn/Import CDs
  • Compare images (post/pre op)
  • Custom search/query
  • Customize user privileges

Acquisition (see above)

  • X-Pipe Technology: sharper images, clarity
  • Auto Contrast upon processing
  • Image auto-shutter/crop

Viewer (see left)

  • User friendly, DICOM compliant, DPM Tools††
  • 5 additional viewing licenses included
  • WORLDWIDE access: view from anywhere!*

Podiatric Tool-Set

  • Hallux Interphalangeus
  • HAllux Abductus
  • First Intermetatarsal
  • P.A.S.A.
  • D.A.S.A.
  • MEtatarsus Adductus
  • Total Adductory Angle
  • Metatarsal Parabola
  • Metatarsal Protrusion
  • Talo-Calcaneal

More Information:
On-Site Install and Training

  • System setup by professional 20/20 certified installer
  • Full training for both doctors and x-ray techs
  • Monitoring by tech to ensure entire trained staff is completely comfortable
  • HF PXS-710 X-Ray: 3 year limited warranty
  • 10X12HG+ DR Panel: 4 year warranty
  • PC Components: 3 year full on-site incl. parts
  • Experienced live technician support after installation

2020 HF DR X-Ray

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