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EzRay Air Vet™ | Hand-held X-Ray System
It satisfies all primary dental diagnostic needs by stable and clear images.

Lightweight Portable Innovation
The EzRay Air Vet is a lightweight portable x-ray device designed for easy handling and steady positioning for optimal image quality on your intra-oral x-rays.

  • Weight innovation with CNT (Carbon Nano Technology)
  • 30% lighter than other handheld units
  • Lower dose
  • Double scatter shield design for operator safety
  • Lower cool downtimes
  • Faster workflow, no warm-up time

Double Scatter Shield Design For Safety

  • INTERNAL SHIELDING: The internal radiation shielding is perfectly designed to protect the operator from radiation leakage.
  • EXTERNAL BACKSCATTER SHIELDING: The backscatter shield signifcantly reduces the amount of radiation being reflected.

Lower Cooldown Time, Faster Workflow

Due to unique efficiencies in Carbon Nano Technology, EzRay Air Vet has almost a 75% reduction in cooldown time between shots when compared to leading competitive devices. This enables users to spend less time waiting for their x-ray to be available and more time in treatment, diagnosis and patient.

  • Weight – 4.19 lbs
  • Focal Spot – 0.4 mm
  • Voltage – 60 kV(fixed)
  • Current – 2.5 mA (fixed)
  • Exposure Time Range – 0.05 – 0.5 sec
  • Total Filtration – Min. 1.5 mm AI
  • Maximum Duty Cycle – 1:30
  • Power Input – 22.2 V
  • Battery – Replaceable
  • Line Voltage – 100-240 V + 10%

Rayence EzRay Air Vet

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